What is the User Experience?

The user experience, named for its native English origin “user experience” with the abbreviation UX, consists of the study, analysis and process that intervenes in improving the interaction of the user with the service, the product or its environment through a device.

UX is the result of presentation, functionalities, system performance and behavior, including aspects related to usability and empathy for what is offered or consumed.

At the same time, the fact that the user is pleased or satisfied with their experience, regardless of whether they purchase or hire the service, depends on the association of the factors into which the UX is divided converge in a balanced and optimal result. .

Information architecture

Structuring the information that is sought in the most logical and organized way possible, makes it easier to understand and make sense of what you see, find and search.

In the case of a website, determining the structure of the menus, submenus, links and fields into which the contents will be divided is essential to arrange them with the best criteria, being advisable in this step to make sketches or graphics that help us assess the advantages and disadvantages of doing it one way or another.

Visual design

user experience

Sorting the texts, photographs and multimedia elements is one of the most important keys, separating these into sections, columns and blocks benefits the interest in reading and interpreting the data, since it is easier for the user to reel the information and retake what interests you most at that time.

In this sense, large and heavy blocks of text, numbers of photographs grouped disorganized, or with different textures, colors and environments, and also abusive mixtures of colors that fill the interface are often a reason for rejection by the people who consume the information.

The funcionality

What is visually pleasing but does not work, fulfills a very low percentage of its mission for the healthy perception of the public, in addition to leaving the reputation of the entity on the ground.

From this point of view, it must be verified that forms, widgets, plugins and other extensions perform their function in the most satisfactory way possible, improving them if the budget or conditions allow it, or replacing them with others with the same or better characteristics.


Many people confuse usability with UX, and yet the first is part of the other, the location of the elements and the ease of access to them plays a very important role, this is the true aspect that is taken into account in this pulled apart.

In addition, usability and accessibility are friends and the first directly influences the second so that people with disabilities develop naturally in the environment, aspects regulated and requested by web standards such as WC3, and which are also appreciated and rewarded by search engines.

The interface

The approach of the previous concepts lead us to define the interface that in the case of the same website, can mean different pages or completely different from each other, although yes, always preserving a common corporate aspect or entity, or at least sharing in its visualization some similar elements that help the visitor to understand the interrelation when changing the page.

Website mockup

Mockup or mockup for the organization of the contents in a web page of the site.

The content

The content after all is the main protagonist, an interface with insipid or incomplete content is also discriminated by the user and what is worse, labeled as not very relevant for search engines, which contributes to the prejudice and general disinterest of the site.

Interesting, useful, well-laid out and structured content, gives rise to satisfactory and recommendable experiences for third parties, in addition to awakening the interest of the target audience with some reciprocity.

The true objective of creating is to do it for others, and especially in the commercial field, the writing, the selection of images appropriate to the context, and the most appropriate multimedia files will undoubtedly leave our platform in a considered place, in addition to having the advantages of being part of a strategy with positive results in many cases.

The improvement in relation to the measurement of results

In the environment of the operational and modern web, most of the interactions are measurable, and thanks to this we will be able to improve the site according to the data that the results yield.

It is advisable to always modify by improving the sections after knowing aspects such as the percentage of bounce in specific pages, the time of permanence, and many others that help us define a strategy to increase conversion, customer leads or the monetization of our services.

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What is the User Experience?

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